4-Hour Florida Ethics in Government Course

About Course

The 4-Hour Florida Ethics in Government Course satisfies the state’s annual ethics training requirement mandated by the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees (Code of Ethics) and applicable to elected municipal officers, constitutional officers, and others. In accordance with the legal mandate the training consists of two hours of Ethics Law (covering Florida’s ethics laws and Art. II, s. 8, Fla. Const.), one hour of Sunshine Law (Ch. 286, F.S.), and one hour of Public Records Law (Ch. 119, F.S.) education.


This online course is available on demand, allows participants to stop and start the material at their convenience, and provides attendees with a Certificate of Completion once done.


Florida Bar CLE: 4.0 General | 3.0 Ethics

  • Certification Credits: State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice 4.0


About Your Instructor:


Caroline Klancke, Esq.

Attorney Caroline Klancke has 15 years of ethics law experience and serves as FEI’s Executive Director. Ms. Klancke is a former Senior Attorney, General Counsel, and Deputy Executive Director of the Florida Commission on Ethics where she assisted the agency in its constitutional mandate to interpret and enforce the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees and lead ethics trainings and educational programs for the Commission on Ethics, the Florida Bar, and others.  Prior to her tenure with the Commission on Ethics, she served as Chief Ethics Officer and Senior Attorney with the Florida Public Service Commission.  Ms. Klancke is a graduate of Florida State University and the University of Miami School of Law.  In 2015, the Florida Government Bar Association selected her as a finalist for Government Attorney of the Year.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Florida’s Ethics Laws (2 Hours)
  • Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law (1 Hour)
  • Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law (1 Hour)

Course Content

Florida’s Ethics Laws
• The Code of Ethics, the Commission on Ethics, and Ethics Complaints • Gifts, Bribes, and Unauthorized Compensation • Conflicts of Interest and Voting Conflicts • Prohibited Conduct Under the Ethics Laws • Code of Ethics Penalties

  • The Code of Ethics, Commission on Ethics, and Ethics Complaints
  • Gifts, Bribes, Unauthorized Compensation, and the Honoraria Law
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Prohibited Conduct
  • Voting Conflicts
  • Post Officeholding Restrictions
  • Code of Ethics Enforcement & Penalties

Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law
• Sunshine Law Review (Ch. 286, F.S.) • Requirements of the Sunshine Law • Application of the Sunshine Law and Case Studies • Public Participation (s. 286.0114, F.S.) • Exemptions to the Sunshine Law • Penalties and Remedies

Florida’s Public Records Act
• Overview of Florida’s Public Records Act (Ch. 119, F.S.) • What is a Public Record • Agency Requirements Regarding Public Records • Exemptions to Public Records Act and Confidential Records • Responding to Public Records Requests and Best Practices • Penalties