FEI Sponsorship Levels

FEI Sponsorship Levels

The Florida Ethics Institute depends on the support of ethically-minded donors like you to advance the cause of ethics in Florida! FEI is the only independent, nonpartisan nonprofit organization in Florida dedicated to preserving and protecting the state’s governmental ethics laws. Your financial support and commitment ensure that we can continue our work. Please join us in supporting ethics in government by donating today. Your active participation and support counts now more than ever before and is truly appreciated!


There are several ways to contribute as FEI offers supporters several donation options.

Ethics Supporters: $50 –$299

Ethics Advocates: $300 – $499

Ethics Heroes: $500 – $999

Ethics Champions: $1,000 – $10,000

Each of our donation levels comes with its own reward—including exclusive discounts on FEI educational products and services, personalized copies of the Florida Ethics Law Handbook signed by the author, special events, and FEI merchandise that attest to your dedication to ethics in Florida.

Ethics Legislative Tracking Reports Florida Ethics news updates FEI Bumper Sticker 20% Discount on FEI books, trainings, and speaker fees Free personalized Florida Ethics Law Handbook signed by the author Free tickets to FEI events Recognition on FEI website and materials
Ethics Supporters

Ethics Advocates

Ethics Heroes

Ethics Champions