Ethics Training Requirement

Florida law requires that all constitutional officers, elected municipal officers, and commissioners of community redevelopment agencies must receive four hours of ethics training each calendar year which addresses, at a minimum, the Sunshine Amendment (Art. II, s. 8, Fla. Const.), the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees (Part III, Ch. 112, F.S.), and the public records (Ch. 119, F.S.) and public meetings laws (Ch. 286, F.S.). In addition, constitutional officers and municipal officers must certify on their financial disclosure forms that they have completed the required training.


Public officials assuming a new office or new term of office on or before March 31 must complete the annual training on or before December 31 of that year. However, if the individual takes office after March 31, he or she is not required to complete the training until the next calendar year. To ensure compliance with this requirement, officials should complete the required training as close as possible to the date they assume office. Failure to take the annual ethics training or certify the completion thereof on the required financial disclosure filing may subject the public official to an ethics complaint filing and concomitant investigation.


Pursuant to the requirements of s. 350.041(3), F.S., members of the Public Service Commission must also complete such a training annually. Further, members of the governing bodies of commercial service airports are required by s. 332.0075(4)(b), F.S., to complete four hours of ethics training each calendar year that addresses the Sunshine Amendment, the Code of Ethics, and the public records and public meetings laws.


The Florida Ethics Institute provides an array of educational services regarding Florida’s ethics laws and regulations. The Institute offers virtual and in person training opportunities addressing Florida’s Sunshine Amendment, Code of Ethics, as well as the public records and public meetings laws in satisfaction of the State mandated annual ethics training requirement. In addition, the Institute provides individual seminars on request, with tailor-made presentations to meet the needs of the participants. Contact us for more information on available trainings or to schedule an on-site or remote training session.