Florida Ethics Institute Invites All to Celebrate Global Ethics Day

The Florida Ethics Institute would like to welcome all to join us in the celebration of Global Ethics Day on October 19th. Global Ethics Day was established in 2014 by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and since that time has been celebrated by citizens, businesses, nonprofits, professional organizations, and governments from over 75 countries. This year’s theme of “Ethics Empowered” is designed to encourage discussion on how collective ethical action can help address the global challenges that impact us all.

The Florida Ethics Institute’s Executive Director, Caroline Klancke, stated that “Global Ethics Day affords all of us with the opportunity to reflect on the role ethics plays in our society. The ethics laws in Florida empower our citizens with the ability to monitor those who govern and to ensure that ethics in government is achieved on this day and every day.” Ms. Klancke continued “It is the mission of the Florida Ethics Institute to help advance ethics in government and to assist all public officials to serve citizens ethically and with integrity.”

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